Monday, September 06, 2010

Happy Tuesday! It's on to school here at our house... Kevin has a pretty heavy load this year, so he'll be spending lots of hours in his office. Kaleb doesn't have as much to do each day, but school is getting harder as the years pass by. I can hardly believe Kevin is in grade 10 and Kaleb is in grade 6 already!

Garry's in town at the moment, sending some papers to Manila. His pilot medical had to be renewed last month and his license this month. He needs a checkride to renew his license, so he's planning a quick trip to Palawan for that. He'll also do some flying with Josh, our new pilot there.

The car started making some funny clunking noises the other day, and they apparently mean that we need to change some parts in it. Garry's hoping Brian can find the parts while he's in the city today. Otherwise we'll have to get them from Manila.

Well, school is calling!

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