Friday, August 04, 2006

Another great day at our house... a day to believe that God is in control and is moving forward His agenda to reach the world and grow us into the Church He desires us to be! The day started late... but early enough considering our present bedtimes! Belle did radio today while I did some school with the boys. Then a friend came to help on the yard, so the boys spent a fair amount of time outside, cleaning up the yard.

Jen stopped by for coffee and we had a good visit. Then Mirielle and Kellan stayed for lunch while she did some running around. It was rather fun to have really little people around for an hour or so! Kaleb had fun showing Mirielle his tree fort and how to get up and down the tree.

The landlady stopped by to collect our rent, so we had a nice visit this afternoon. And I had a nice chat with Neva, asking her if she'd like to keep working here, since her two-week trial is nearly over now. She'd like to stay, which is great! In between I worked on some bookkeeping, wrote a few e-mails (yes, I probably owe you and e-mail or two, based on the number that are in my inbox!), and cleaned up the house a bit.

Schwabs invited us for supper, so we will head over there soon. It's great to have good partners! Trust your week ends well, as ours has...

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