Thursday, August 03, 2006

Life is always a bit interesting when Garry's gone... not so many decent meals, out-of-routine bedtimes, and often a lot of running around. This time hasn't been much different! This morning the boys and I went to the travel agency (again!) to purchase the tickets for our trip at the end of the month. Then we stopped for coffee (okay, milkshakes for the boys!) on the way home. Belle was doing radio while I was gone so I was anxious to get home and see how things were going. She had a very poor copy but seemed to be doing well. It was a role reversal see her with a headache at the end of the morning while I had none... those radio headaches have been very real for the past months when we've had a lot of interference.

Several months ago we met a couple who run an orphanage and have a son Kaleb's age. They had invited us for lunch today, so when we got home I put some frosting on the brownies the girls had made and we prepared to head to their place. It was so neat to see what God has put on their hearts to do-- to provide a positive home environment for orphans here in Palawan and see them adopted into Christian families all over the world. They currently have 14 kids, most of them ages 3 and under.

I also enjoyed talking to Narcy about cooking here as she is interested in eating healthy and has lived here for a long time. She gave me some yoghurt starter and also some Indian coriander to grow. The boys had a blast on the home-made water slide at their house! We were soon home, looking around the yard for some good soil for the herbs. Keith also gave Kevin some ideas about gardening, so Kevin is industriously working on a small raised bed in which to plant some vegetables and herbs!

Garry is learning lots and enjoying the meetings in Manila, from what he says. We know that God orchestrated this trip and are enjoying seeing that reality unfold!

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