Friday, August 18, 2006

This is where Garry is spending many hours a day now-- in his office! He has made his way through piles of paperwork in the last week, so he will be glad to be free to do some other things soon. This afternoon he was able to finish his report on his trip and get it sent off. While we are in Aritao he'll get to spend some time in the hangar there, sorting through a few more things and finding out what NTMA has there. He also has some projects at the hangar here that he's looking forward to doing.

Kaleb has been working on making different kinds of airplanes-- this is his latest. It's been fun to see the progression from one plane to the next! Kevin has been busy with school lately, learning some interesting things in math and reading some great books. He's also been thinking through the pros and cons of a few things-- a great exercise in logic!

Things are coming together for when we are gone, though it has been a bit of a process. Here we need to think through who can stay in our house while we're gone, what is fair wage to pay that person, how much our regular employees need to earn in order to survive while we are gone, and if there is bookkeeping or other issues that need settled before we go. We'll be glad to get on the jet and have that all behind us!

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