Sunday, August 13, 2006

Rain, rain, go away! Come again some other day! That's rather how we're feeling here in Palawan. It has rained most of every day for nearly a week now, except on Sunday when we were blessed with a few hours of sunshine. The weather satellite looks like we are in for yet more rain. This is complicating flights right now as a team is here from the UK to do work on a house in one of the tribal stations... only two weeks to spend in the country and weather delays can be a rather frustrating combination!

Yesterday Kevin tried his hand at riding Garry's motorcycle (it's actually one that some friends lent us for a few months!). He has fun getting some practice and we enjoyed seeing him enjoy himself! There is a great dirt-biking track here in town that Kevin has been dreaming of trying out... maybe some day:).

Garry has been busy working through weather-related flight decisions with Jason, doing some paperwork, and taking care of stuff from his trip. Tomorrow or Wednesday he'll be doing a flight in order to stay current between his travels. We also have a visitor here, Andrew. He is a senior at Piedmont College, planning to be a missionary pilot/mechanic. It's been fun to meet him.

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