Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Garry was flying today, so life had its normal share of changed plans, unexpected events, and interesting things to think about! This morning his destination reported clear weather, but his first stop told him it was raining and dark. By the time the rain had passed the airstrip had standing water on it so he needed to wait for it to dry. When all was said and done, his flight that was to have been in the air by 7:30 didn't begin until after 11:00!

On the other hand, we enjoyed a nice chat and some Paraguayan tea this morning! The boys also enjoyed having their dad home for a little while and showing him the projects they're working on-- whatever they've done since he looked at them last night, anyway!

That was not the end of his delays, either, as in between shuttle flights he had to wait out yet more rain. Then, when he was ready to come home a patient showed up at our tribal location needing to go to town-- but not to the town where we live! This patient was told to be at the missionary's house this morning, and was expected to leave on the first flight. However, for some reason or another she didn't arrive there until 4:00 this afternoon... I'm still waiting to hear the story!

Garry was able to take her and her "helpers" where they needed to go and is now on his way home. The flight normally takes 45 minutes, and I'm hoping there's no headwind. You see, the airport here closes at 6:00 p.m. and landing after that time incurs a large fine. He was in the air at 5:10, so he should make it!

Meanwhile the boys and I have enjoyed reading "The Hobbit", doing school, playing some badminton when Garry was on the ground, and doing school. I'm also trying to wade through my inbox... it isn't that I don't write many e-mails, it's just that I like to keep in touch with too many people in a personal way!

The girls went shopping this afternoon and seem to have done a good job. Now they are putting things away and finishing up some cleaning. I think there's still some laundry to fold also, though that may wait for another day!

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