Thursday, August 10, 2006

We thought you might enjoy a photo of our yard these days. Having a bit of a flood in the yard isn't that serious, but we are getting a little tired of wet, dirty feet! Yesterday some friends came to visit and we put a little bridge over some of the water-- their shoes weren't expecting to be soaked! The other thing that is always a bit interesting when there is so much standing water is the fact that the septic system doesn't seem terribly well contained... and while it is an incovenience here, it must be a huge deal for the many people in town who use an outhouse and have a flooded yard.

On a cleaner, happier note, this is the french manicure I got the other day. It's fun to be pampered, to do something that is not essential in the midst of a life that often bubbles down to the basics!

We are spending today getting caught up after Garry's trip and trying to organize our thoughts and priorites for the next 10 days that we'll be at home before leaving as a family. Garry came home with a stack of paperwork to work through and a lot of notes to think through, so I imagine he'll be holed up in his office for much of his time home.

As far as the flight program here, it is still raining and not showing many signs of really clearing up. Thursday's flight was postponed at least until Saturday. Garry and Jason will be figuring out what to do next with a team of 12 people arriving here on Saturday and hoping to go in to a tribal location on Monday... and the supplies for the house they're planning to work on were planned for Thursday and today-- and neither has happened yet. (With the best possible weather this time of year it's unlikely that we will be able to make 2 flights on any given day!) Pray that this time will be a time of trusting God and that everyone involved will be quick to hear the Spirit's promptings in the midst of changing plans!

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Jedimicah said...

Hey, this is Wanda. I continue to enjoy your blog a lot!! Keep it up. I love the pictures and the updates. It brings you closer.