Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Tomorrow is the day that Garry comes home-- yeah! The boys are in bed already and I'm just finishing up a few things before heading that way myself. Garry flew back to Manila from Mindanao today and then finished up some business in the city. He says he's rather tired of travelling:).

Kevin spent the better part of the day carving a wooden serving spoon and working on his gift for Garry. Kaleb was busy on his gift as well.

It's been raining lots here... the better part of the past 3 days. Today it really poured, and I came home from town to find most of the yard under several inches of water. Thankfully most of it has drained out, though things will be quite wet for a while yet. Without a clothes dryer my lines are getting pretty full and I'm beginning to wonder what they might smell like by the time they get dry! Last rainy season many people in town had to take laundry to the local laundry and pay to have it rewashed and dried because there are no laundromats and nobody has a dryer!

The next two days also have heavy flight schedules, which is always a concern when a large weather system comes through-- I think we may be getting the side of a typhoon or something, which can last a while! Because a team is coming from the UK to help in one of our tribal stations, the coming weeks are also scheduled full, so life will be interesting, no doubt.

It's time for bed, so I'll sign off now and wish you each God' richest blessing this day which you're just beginning and we're just finishing!

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