Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Garry had a long flight day today. He was thankful for good weather! He took a load of cargo down south, picked up passengers from one location and took them to another, then brought another couple to town this afternoon. When he got home Kevin was able to go to the the hangar to help him wash the airplane and clean out the inside. After tidying up a bit, they joined Kaleb and I at the badminton court for some exercise.

The boys are currently enjoying tops! They have gotten some from tribal people and we're amazed at the variety between different tops. However, all of them seem to spin well! If you've never tried spinning a top, give it a go!

One of the things God is challenging us about these days is the power of prayer. The reality that unless we are dependent on the Father we are not where He wants us to be. We want to hear His voice about the different challenges we are facing, the decisions that face us every day, and the work that needs done.

Some of the decisions that are facing us these days relate to the girls that work in our home. One is 23 years old and would like to go back to school. However, she has 4 years of highschool left, and it doesn't seem there is a way to accelerate things here. Night classes aren't an option and she isn't interested in vocational training. We really would like to help. But how?! God is the One with the answers-- and not only that, He desires to communicate with us!

Privileged to be His kids...

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