Monday, May 28, 2007

Yeah, it's Saturday... well, actually it is Monday, but we are having a Saturday-like day! One of the fun things about a flight program is that you never know what is going to happen next or how your schedule will unfold!

Garry is home today and doing projects on the house with the boys. They are building a little shelf for the kitchen right now, which I will greatly appreciate! In between other things Garry has been back and forth to the the hangar several times, overseeing some work that is going on there.

It also rained hard this afternoon-- something we are always thankful for as it cools things down a bit! Garry and I went to the track to walk just before the storm hit, so instead of walking we just sat in the truck and talked!

We thank the many of you who have written expressing your support and prayers. God is at work and we don't doubt it. We simply keep asking Him to show us what part He wants us to play in His church and work these days!


Patrick said...

Well, I finally got to see those big cucumbers. Way to go Kevin!!!
Kaleb looks like he is ready to have someone else spray him. It must be hot.

The Barkmans said...

Yes, finally got a picture of Kevin's veggies posted! Kaleb is actually holding a drill... but it does look like a sprayer! All the same-- it's hot!