Thursday, May 03, 2007

Good afternoon! Today has been rushing by as we keep working on the piles that accumulated while we were in Manila. Garry's been at the hangar. He'd hoped to do some e-mails, but his internet connection is down for some reason. So he's been working on the airplane, which is a lot more fun anyway!

The boys finished school this morning and have been working on making some tops, painting models, weeding their garden, and various other things. Ford also came to work today, and we are thankful that the gutters are cleaned and some of the grass cut! Also this afternoon a friend came to look at our washing machine. He was able to "sew" the broken plastic piece back together, which should cut down on the noise when we use the machine.

We are very much looking forward to a visit from our pastor and his wife next week! Barry and Norine will be here only a couple of days but we are looking forward to hearing about their months in Cambodia and also sharing what God is doing here!

Of all the boring things, I hate posts without pictures. So I just added a couple of random shots:). Blessings to each of you...

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