Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Yahoo! We're home! We had a wonderful, profitable time in Manila, and now we're glad to be back in Puerto, at our own house and living "normal life" again.

Our first couple of days in Manila were spent primarily with our new co-workers who are currently studying language. One day Garry and the other men were in meetings for a good part of the day, and the other ladies and I went to the mall.

Just before we came home we took a mini-vacation. It was a blessing to be quiet for several days and enjoy the comforts of a nice place in Manila. They had an incredible breakfast buffet, and I'm quite sure they lost money on at least some of us! The pool was lovely, and we spent quite a few hours swimming and soaking in some sunshine.

Today Garry was back in the air and the boys and I are getting back into the swing of school.

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