Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Yesterday we "babysat" for some friends. The couple were at the hospital after delivering a healthy baby the day before, and the older three kids came to have lunch with us and play for a couple of hours. It was fun to see the newborn on the way home from the hospital! This family works up north and is preparing to begin teaching in the fall!

In science we've been studying some chemical reactions, one of them Diet Coke and either salt or Menthos. We put come Diet Coke in a bottle and added salt-- no explosion, but a lot of fizz! check it out on the left:).

Garry is deep into a building project and working on the airplane these days.

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Patrick said...

I watched The Learning Channel and learned the U.S. Navy and the British Navy developed an aircraft carrier out of ice and sawdust. It was stronger than the ice alone.