Friday, May 18, 2007

Someone reminded me that I haven't posted about the boys' badminton tournament. It was over a week ago, on Friday May, 11th. Including kids up to age 12, it was a great way to cement some new friendships, get some exercise, and find out how a tournament works. They both a great time and learned lots in the process.

Kaleb was eliminated after his first round of games. Kevin and Wesley, doubles partners, took first place! This is them with Kaleb and Oliver (one of the boys' trainers). Besides getting to play a lot of games and enjoying themselves, they got a cool trophy!

During the tournament the kids were given a snack-- a plate of spaghetti and a brownie Since the food didn't include any rice it wasn't a meal!

I enjoyed sitting with other moms and getting to know a few. One thing that continually surprises me is how many people have family in the US and Canada. During the tournament I met a lady whose sister is working in Dugald, Manitoba!

So that's the badminton tournament news... and I'll post about this weekend later!

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