Thursday, May 17, 2007


Our time with our pastor and his wife was wonderful! Barry and Norine were such a blessing and encouragement to us. We enjoyed some great talks, good badminton, a game of Risk, some Take-Two, and breakfast at the Swiss Deli. We commented that we had more time with them in three short days here than we normally get in any one visit "home"!

Garry was also able to take Barry to one of our tribal locations. In this location our missionaries are just beginning the process of teaching through the Bible, sharing the character of God through the stories of the Old Testament. We've been excited to follow their teaching, but this is Garry's first flight in there for quite some time. The guys were able to attend one of the meetings as well as spend some time with the missionaries.

I thought you might enjoy this shot we took just before Barry and Norine left. Garry is preparing to leave on a flight up north and the jet is already in, beginning to unload passengers from Manila.

I'll be getting some more info up on the blog soon, but thought I'd keep this short!

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