Sunday, May 20, 2007

Good morning! How was your weekend? Did you enjoy some time to relax and enjoy what God is doing in your life and ministry this weekend? We were thrilled to have a quiet weekend with some time to reflect. That I had a stomach flu was an aide to not getting too busy also!

The boys have been engaged with Lego again recently. We watched a Discovery program about aircraft carriers and the boats that travel with them. This started their imaginations going and they made a whole fleet!

Kevin's garden is growing and we've eaten some huge cucumbers! His tomatoes and bell peppers are also beginning to produce, so soon we'll have more things to enjoy!

Garry switched airplanes last week, only to get a low-compression cylinder after his first flight. This means he's back to the first airplane and working on the second one again. This week promises to provide him with some very long flight days, so we're praying the repairs go quickly and smoothly.

Today Garry and I are out to lunch with some friends to talk some business and catch up on one another's lives. Truly, friends are a blessing!

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