Monday, November 21, 2011

Garry and Joel headed out to the hangar under sunny skies this morning, but unfortunately the skies at their proposed destination looked quite different than they did here. They loaded the airplane, did some practice at our home strip, worked on a few projects, and now they're headed home in time for lunch. Tomorrow they'll try again.

I went out with a couple of friends for breakfast this morning. I love these women who challenge and inspire me. I love hearing their perspective and knowing I'm in a safe place. This morning was a bit sad because it was a goodbye of sorts for Judy, who leaves the country next week. I guess that constantly saying goodbye is one of the hazards of our calling.

The boys finished school in record time, and I'm considering baking cookies just for the fun of it. I should do something that has some holiday to it, but Kevin wants chocolate chip cookies this time. Kaleb is voting for another batch of peanut cookies, but we just finished the last ones, so I think Kevin will win this time.

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