Friday, November 18, 2011

This morning Garry went flying, so the boys and I did school. Garry and Joel were able to do a lot of flying at the last airstrip that Joel needs checked out on! (This is where they did all the work on the airstrip a couple of weeks ago, and the guys were waiting for the dirt to settle a bit before going in there.)

The flight was originally scheduled for Wednesday, but was delayed by some issues with the airplane and then poor weather. When a flight is delayed multiple times it feels even better to get it done!

It's raining again this afternoon, which makes me doubly thankful to have the flight done!

In the meantime, though, the process of waiting and being delayed has been good. We have thought about things we wouldn't have considered if the path had been easier. We have taken time to ponder realities that would have escaped us otherwise. We have enjoyed some quiet times together that we would have missed if life had moved at the pace we had planned. We have seen God answer prayers we wouldn't have thought of praying if things had been different. Truly, we are blessed!

All this has made me once again think that when we ask God to make us comfortable and make our paths straight we sometimes miss the bigger blessings. Like the Israelites, we can have meat to eat with leanness of soul.

I finally got the photos from our weekend away... here are a few shots of the climbing wall, the pool, table tennis, and my fun coffee!

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