Tuesday, November 08, 2011

It's been amazing to have a couple days in a row of quiet... swimming, doing flips into the pool (that would only be Kaleb), climbing the climbing wall, long walks, badminton, and long talks as a family. Thank you, Jesus!

I have some more fun photos that I'll post when we get home and I can download them.

Today we also had a fun lunch with Brian & Bailey, Maycie & Dylan. They are headed out for furlough and this was goodbye for a few months. I'm happy for them. Still, the lump in my throat doesn't want to go away.

I'm sitting here listening to worship music and enjoying it to the fullest. I am reminded that God sees our future as the past and He deserves all honor and praise. Seeking His face is our highest goal. Leading others to His throne is our highest privilege. Knowing Him is the answer to all our problems, frustrations, and questions. Sitting at His feet is our greatest joy! Truly, He is good and He does good.

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