Friday, November 11, 2011

Today Garry went to check out one of our airstrips where they have done significant work to improve braking and touchdown.

We have been so excited as we've heard from the missionaries how the whole village, and particularly the Church, have been working hard and working together to do this project!

They've done all the work by hand-- moving dirt to level the airstrip, hauling in gravel, and tamping down the dirt to make a firm surface. Talk about hard manual labor!

And the airstrip has turned out to be amazing! Garry landed there this morning and it is so much better. There were tons of people there waiting to hear what he'd think about the work they've done.

Our co-workers are gone for a few days, so I was by the radio today while Garry was flying. It was rather strange to be listening to static again after not having done radio work for a while. In another way it was like coming home and doing something I feel comfortable with.

We truly are blessed to be a small part of the Church planting effort here in the Philippines!

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