Friday, November 25, 2011

Garry's back in the air again this morning, and I'm sitting by the radio. I'm doing radio because Missy is hosting a big Thanksgiving dinner this afternoon. She's pretty ambitious to have 30 people over for dinner and we're looking forward to hanging out and good food!

After a lot of delays, it seems that the guys are almost done checkout flying. Garry said the weather is perfect this morning and Joel's gotten a lot of practice already. Next week he'll be back at this location to bring the missionaries to town. Each step of the checkout journey is amazing... seeing people become proficient at the ministry God has called them to is incredibly rewarding as well as fun!

Kevin and Kaleb just texted that they are headed out for a bike ride. I think they're quite thankful for a Saturday:). And a friend just stopped by the radio room with a beautiful cup of coffee, so I think I'll close for now and enjoy a chat with her!

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The Røsviks said...

Hope you enjoyed your cup of coffee as well as the Thanksgiving meal this evening! Happy (late) Thanksgiving!