Sunday, November 06, 2011

The road goes on... this in on the way from home to the city. It's beautiful, though I must admit that there isn't much of the road that looks as well-maintained as this patch does!

We are in the city for a couple of nights right now. We're enjoying some fun as a family, some time to reflect on all that God has done and wants to do, and some rest. It is good to be away from some of the norms of life at home!

There's a pretty nice climbing wall here (by our standards, anyway!), and Kaleb wants to spend some time trying to conquer that. Kevin's fun will be badminton. I want some good coffee, quiet (which I'm enjoying right now), and uninterrupted time with the boys. Garry is hoping for some quiet time and fun with the boys. We've all been enjoying the pool and hot tub.

As we ponder God's realities and life we enjoy considering all that God has done over the past weeks, months, and year. We are in such a blessed place! Yet the land of promise is not without its battles, its hardships, and its stresses. Freedom is never free and chains of darkness are not easily broken.

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