Monday, November 14, 2011

This morning started with Garry getting a quick phone call from Joel, who was preflighting the airplane in preparation to fly to one of our locations here in Mindanao. Unfortunately an important spring on the airplane is broken... which means he isn't going anywhere today. And probably we won't get the needed part for another day or two-- which is changing the plans for several flights. The checkout process is being delayed, which wouldn't make much difference if Garry wasn't scheduled to go to Manila in just over a week. Still, God knows. Beyond knowing, He has a good plan and He is working out that plan.

Maybe that certainty of God's sovereignty is what we are supposed to be grabbing onto these days in a new way.... yesterday my house helper told me that she's applied for another job and had an interview. She should know by Friday if she's going to go somewhere else to work as of next Monday. OK. It was all a rather strange thing, and I'm just praying that God does His will. The other job would have more future and better pay than working with our family.

My parents also had a somewhat interesting experience yesterday... a rather scary one considering where they live. And one of our co-workers had a bag and lot of valuables stolen at the end of last week.

I'm sitting here listening to Casting Crown's latest CD and I'm so blessed by it. Our future is truly in the past from God's perspective, all the questions and problems are already answered and resolved in His perspective!

I found my photos from our weekend away... and they are somewhere on my computer now, but not where I can upload them at the moment. Next time:).

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