Saturday, September 23, 2006

It's been a crazy few days with the water issues and other things popping up unexpectedly! The water was actually only off for one day-- an unheard of thing for the water company to be faster than expected. It was a blessing, and we still have some containers of water we are trying to use up!

Garry, Kevin, and I have been sick since I last wrote. The cold/flu hasn't been awful, but bad enough to slow us all down a bit. Thanks to those of you who prayed for Garry and sent me some good ideas. When he got sick with the cold his cough lessened and seems to have disappeared. Thank you, Jesus!

The end of this week we've spent a lot of time planning. It's been good to sit down and name some "trigger points" for our next move. We now have a pretty good list of things that need to be done before we start packing! We've also been working through some bookkeeping issues with the flight program and getting ready for a visit from our technical coordinator next week. Sharing a few good cups of coffee have made the long talks seem shorter:).

Wednesday we had the opportunity to take the kids to a homeschool "organic gardening class" that some friends graciously offered. It was excellent and they have been busy with their new plants and new information!

Since last time I posted we've also had two (or maybe just the same one twice?!) furry visitors in our house. I screamed, of course, that being the only logical reaction to a mouse!

We pray you have a good weekend!

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