Sunday, September 24, 2006

This is a man in Luzon carrying rice home. Rice being a the staple food here, many people grow their own. It's fun to see the rice fields and watch it grow!

We've all recovered from the cold and flu we had last week... at least mostly recovered! This morning Kevin went to the hangar with Garry to help close up the airplane after the annual inspection. They had a little problem with the brakes, but were able to finish up before a late lunch. Now Garry is working on the paperwork that needs to be sent to Manila in order to keep the airplane in the air.

Kaleb and I did some reading this morning and cleaned up what was left of the weekend's disaster-- ever have that feeling on a Monday morning?! I also enjoyed a cup of coffee with Jen and picked her brain about a few things.

Have a great day!

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