Sunday, September 17, 2006

It's Monday afternoon and I think I've had enough of Monday:). Not that anything bad has happened today, it's just been a hard-to-get-going day! We started the day with a game of badminton then got into school. Kevin and Kaleb have a new electronics set and they've been amazing me with little circuits that run lights, fans, and little sound machines. Quite a learning experience!

Garry is at the hangar, working on a 50-hour inspection. (That's an inspection that is done after 50 hours of flight, not an inspection that takes 50 hours!) The compression test showed 3 low cylinders, so they are working through that. Garry and Jason are hoping to finish what they need to do in the next couple of days because on Wednesday Jason needs to begin flying for a family that is moving into the tribe.

It's rainy this afternoon, which is a nice relief from the heat. The boys and I have enjoyed a nice cup of iced coffee and a bit of "The Wind in the Willows". Who isn't warmed by the fun tales of the animals?! Now I'm back at the computer and they are looking at some books and considering which project they'll do next. Soon I need to head to the kitchen to make some coleslaw for supper. I'll add that to the leftover cincinnati chili from the other day.

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