Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Today is the day we leave northern Luzon to return to Manila! Our time here has been both relaxing and profitable. We've enjoyed meeting the folks who will be our new team as well as spending some time with peeople that we will be servicing. We've also enjoyed staying in this house-- the one that will be our new home! We are really looking forward to moving up here in a few months!

In fact, we'd already been on the road were it not for the fact that the vehicle we're taking up is "off road" today. That means it cannot be driven into metro Manila between 3:30 and 7:30 pm. Since we did need to finish up a few things this morning and the trip takes about 6 hours, we opted to leave at 2pm. Boy, will we be glad for the air conditioning!

On the other hand, we are glad to be going "home" and back to "normal life"-- as though it exists! We've missed Jason and Jen while we've been travelling and will enjoy catching up with them when we get home. We've also been making plans for what needs done before we move and we'll enjoy doing those projects! We'll be packing up the computer, so I won't be blogging until the weekend... then we'll be blogging through our last months in Palawan and our move.

Thanks for standing with us! What a blessing to be part of a team-- we could never do this alone!

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