Monday, September 18, 2006

Today started like any ordinary day... breakfast, chores, school. Just as I was enjoying a relaxed reading lesson with Kaleb, Belle told me, "Ate (Ma'am), before I forget, there is a scheduled water outage in town from 3 pm today until 11 am day after tomorrow. At my house the water is only dripping now, so probably it will go off before 3!" I was so thankful she was here since we don't listen to the radio and don't hear news like that. Since we are the only one of our friends here that use city water-- the rest have wells so this won't affect them-- they wouldn't have thought to pass it on if they'd heard it.

Even with a few hours warning, I wondered exactly what I could do. We don't have that many large containers, and a day and half without water is a long time when you consider showers (even more necessary in the heat here!), flushing toilets, washing dishes... Having planned to buy some large boxes for storage anyway, Kevin and I jumped in the truck and headed to town to purchase a few. The girls began filling every available container, storing water in the laundry room and bathroom (or comfort room, as they're fondly called). Meanwhile the power was out for a while, making me wonder if we'd already lost our chance to collect some water (the water goes off with the electricity usually!).

At the hangar another story is unfolding... at the end of the day yesterday the guys found out that their compression tester is bad. This means they can't really finish all the work they need to do. Garry hopes to be able to get a new tester when someone comes from Arizona next week. Today they're trying to finish whatever they can before putting the engine back together for tomorrow's flight.

Garry has a bad allergy cough right now. Antihistamines affect him very badly, so that is not a good option unless it gets so bad he has to quit work to deal with the side effects. I'm looking for a good remedy... cough syrup or an allergy pill that doesn't make you sleepy (Benadryl, Dimetapp, nor Claritin work). Neva told me that kalamansi (a bit like lime) and honey is the local remedy. Any ideas???

Now I need to finish school and work on the flight billing for the month. Since we've flown over 50 flights this month there will be a bit of time involved in that! Blessings to you today!

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