Wednesday, September 27, 2006

What a relief to see that fat envelope of papers go into the mail. For Garry much more so than for me! He's spent the better part of 3 days getting the paperwork for the airplane's annual filled out and organized. Now it's on its way to Manila to be dropped off at the government office by a friend of ours. We're praying it is approved before October 6th, when the current paperwork expires!

We are having a good time with our technical coordinator. Today he went flying with Jason and will come to our house for supper. I made chicken tacos... hope he likes Mexican! Tomorrow Garry plans to go with them and they hope to spend some time at one of our locations.

Paul also blessed us by bringing some special treats... peanutbutter, Ranch dressing mix, Kraft macaroni and cheese, red licorice, M&Ms, and some special Venezuela "goodies" from my parents. It still amazes me how much I miss tastes of home sometimes-- just normal things that I enjoy cooking with and eating. My parents also sent the boys some fun toys and some puzzle books-- any of you into Sudoku puzzles?

As we find ourselves in the midst of a lot of things these days we are so blessed to know we are God's children and He has only good in store for us. A rather basic truth, and yet one that is easy to forget when life is busy and you feel stretched beyond your abilities! Yes, God is willing to sacrifice our momentary pleasure for our eternal good... and we can trust Him to do what is for our eternal good!

I suppose I should go get supper on the table!

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