Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Kaleb planned the blog for today-- he wanted me to post these photos of the Lego castle that he's been building! The castle is now finished and well protected, as you can see! While he has been busy with Lego Kevin has been conquering a lot of fractions and spending some time with Garry at the airport. The last couple of days have been long flight days for Jason, so Garry and Kevin have gone to help load and fuel. Yesterday Kaleb was even out there for a while!

Meanwhile, I've been working in the office and doing some cooking. Changing househelp means that my current help doesn't cook, so I've been back in the kitchen. I find it quite relaxing to cook and bake most of the time:).

Garry's busy preparing for Paul's visit and doing other necessary paperwork for the flight program here. He'll be glad when his inbox is empty also!

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