Monday, September 11, 2006

One of the things Garry wanted to do in Northern Luzon was to get a better idea of what is in the hangar there. He had looked through many of the files and most of the parts before, but the week we spent there gave him some more time to "poke around". It was good to clean things up a bit (not that they won't get very dusty again anyway!) and organize some of the rooms. The hangar, as you can see, has an open place in the front for parking one airplane and a closed shop on the side. Since the shop is not sealed, birds have become a major issue in trying to keep things clean.

While there Garry preserved the engine on our C180 that has been sitting in the hangar for several years. While he was looking through the logbooks he realized the propeller was out-of-date and needed to be sent back to the US for overhaul. Taking the prop off was not a really big job, but by the time the crate was built and it was ready to ship the process entailed quite a bit of time. Kevin was glad to have the opportunity to work with Garry a bit on that and other projects while we were up north!

Cultural tidbit: If I have an issue with my housegirl, the "kind" thing to do is tell someone else about it! That person is then obliged to talk to my housegirl. She would far rather I talk to a third party, who she can then tell her side of the story to and we communicate through this person. Even simple things like the fact tht I'd rather her not sweep the dirt out the front door are best communciated through a third party-- which is why it's a big advantage to have 2 girls working in your house!

Speaking of househelp, I'm learning some interesting things from them... rugs are meant to be used to clean up things that spill, a large dishcloth is best (the size of a handtowel for us!), if your hands are hot they cannot be put in water (so you can't wash dishes after ironing!), and if you don't understand what you're supposed to do the best answer is a simple "Yes, Ma'am".

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