Monday, June 12, 2006

Every day isn't the same-- really, it isn't! But many of our days, just like yours, are rather routine. Today Garry did a flight to this tribal location. The missionaries there are coming out for a couple weeks to take care of some business. I was by the radio. The boys have done school and are now enjoying a little free time. My allergic reaction seems to be calming down (or under control) by the meds, which is a blessing!

The credit for today's photos goes to Norm Rice, one of our missionaries who does a great job with the camera! The lady is a Palawano. Thanks, Norm!

Today I've been thinking about control-- my desire to control and the stress and strain of trying to "make things happen". God is our all-loving Father who IS in control. Yet so often I want to be in control, somehow thinking that I could make things happen better than He is. It sounds insane when you say it, doesn't it?! Yet by our actions this is often what we say. What a blessing to rather rest and trust our Heavenly Father to do all things well, as He does so wonderfully!

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