Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Good morning! The internet connection wasn't working yesterday morning and there was was a brown-out most of the afternoon... but we are still here and blogging our way through the month! Without hydro there were many things we couldn't do, so the boys and I enjoyed a few good hands of Uno!

We are thankful that my dad is home from the hospital, though his platelet count is still too low and he is on complete bedrest. We appreciate your continued prayers!

One of the things Kevin really enjoys is when his dad has time to work in the shop with him! What a blessing to see him learning from his dad and the two of them working side-by-side! (Kaleb also joins in this equation often!)

Yesterday was a "no-fly" day, and Garry and Jason finished the inpsection. They also had time to talk through some of the upcoming flights and what's on our plates for the next while.

Bel did end up going to Manila, and she texted me yesterday that she's coming home by ferry and will be here on Monday. I'm thankful for Delores, who is here today, catching up on laundry and setting things in order:). The boys and I enjoyed not having anyone in the house yesterday-- a neat blessing when most days we have several people here! And since Jason and Jen invited us for supper, we didn't even have to cook. We enjoyed the evening with them and were reminded again what a blessing it is to work with friends!

My thought for the day: God's provision for us isn't about getting out of hardship and trials, but about having the grace to rise above and walk in peace and joy.

This morning we decided to re-arrange our kitchen/dining room area in order to better accomodate our new water cooler/dispenser! The fridge has been having a hard time staying cool, and nearly half the fridge has been full of water! Life in the tropics with a lot of people in the house means we drink a lot of water. Since we have to purchase all our water for drinking anyway, a dispenser is a great blessing!

The boys are busy at school, but they need some "mom attention" so I'll close for this morning. Blessings to you-- may you "rise above" today!

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