Monday, June 12, 2006

Good evening-- or morning! Today was another of Jason's flights, so after Jason got in the air Garry came home and worked in the office for a while. I was so glad he was home because in the middle of the morning I began to be incredibly itchy. Because I'd already taken Claritin and Benadryl we decided it was probably time to go see a doctor. Despite the fact that today is Philippines Independence Day, we found a doctor open and only had to wait about a half hour to see her. God led us to a good dermatologist who said I must have a "photoallergy"... an allergy to something that was created when it was mixed with sunlight. So she put me on another allergy medication, steroids for a couple of days, and steroid cream. I am also not supposed to be in the sunlight for a week... pretty hard to do in a tropical climate!

When this all happened I was on the radio, so Garry found someone to take care of that while we went to the clinic. When we got home I felt pretty drugged by all the medication, so took a very long nap. I feel somewhat better now, in spite of the fact that today's "to do" list didn't get many checks!

This has been just another small reminder again priorities-- the things in life that take a back seat when something "urgent" comes along. That though we think we are indispensible and "have to" do certain things, many of them are not as important as we sometimes imagine. And sometimes maybe God is just trying to get our attention back on Him... how many "small" things does God send our way just for this purpose, but if it doesn't feel "urgent" we simply keep on with our daily tasks!

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