Friday, June 09, 2006

Yesterday afternoon the boys went to the hangar and helped Garry work on a fueling system a bit. The guys have been fueling by pouring fuel from a 5-gallon jerry can into the tanks in the wings-- a pretty labor intensive way to fuel, particularly considering how many gallons of fuel it takes to fly an hour! Garry spent the morning working on it as well, and now its nearly complete!

I enjoyed a quiet afternoon working on flight billing and catching up on some office work.

The boys did some yard work before school this morning, while I wrote this blog (for the first time, that is!). I had trouble with my internet connection and a few other things, so we'll see if I can actually post it this time through. Kevin was also working on a story on the computer and it crashed when he was nearly done editting it. So much for time-saving technology!

It's been really hot here for the last couple of days... the kind of humid heat that makes you feel like you're swimming, without the cooling effects of the water! We're incredibly thankful for air-conditioning in our bedrooms so at least it's cool at night. There's a beautiful beach close by, where we are planning to go tomorrow. However, we just got a radio message that a man in one of our tribal locations fell out of a 70-foot tree, so we will be on standby for an emergency medical flight.

We trust you have a great Friday! May God's richest blessings be yours....

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