Saturday, June 10, 2006

Good afternoon... it looks like the middle of the night to you, but I guess Blogger posts the time according to their time-- it's actually only early evening here! We had a wonderful morning at the beach... one of the blessings of living on a small island. As you can see, there were even a few waves today! We went with a couple of our teammates from town and enjoyed the time together.

The tribal man who fell from the tree is apparently still stranded on the mountain. They have not been able to find anyone to carry him down to the airstrip. It would seem that as time goes on his condition would become more critical, so he is in our prayers. Tomorrow morning we'll check back with the missionaries to see how things are going and whether they need a flight.

We got a message from my parents that my dad is doing better. He did have dengue fever, which provides an explanation for many of his symptoms. He is regaining his strength, for which we praise the Lord! When he gets stronger he will head back to the cardiologist to get those medications straightened out.

Yesterday after finishing my post I made meat pie for supper. (I love rolling pie crust because it gives me time to think.) I was considering this blog, wondering what direction it should take. What do you want to hear more about-- ministry, work, our family, our thoughts? What do you wish you knew? What am I talking about that is making you wish I'd quit already?! What seems strange or different about our lives? What seems much the same as yours? Do you like hearing about differences or similarities... or do you like to hear it all and draw your own conclusions? Do you want to hear about things that are a bit extraordinary to us, or the ordinary workings of the lives God has called us to? Obviously, our days aren't interesting enough to create an unending log of what we've done... If you have an answer to any-- or all-- of these questions, I'd love to hear it-- you can comment (even anonymously) or send me a quick e-mail.

As we finish our Saturday we wish you a wonderful day with your family...

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