Wednesday, June 14, 2006

No pictures today... the internet connection is way too slow! We've had a good day with Garry working from his home office and the boys and I having a fairly normal day of school and housework. Garry and I did go to town today to go birthday shopping for Kaleb! His birthday is tomorrow, and though we had a couple of ideas, we weren't exactly sure what we would find when we went to town. We found a couple of small items that we think he'll enjoy-- we'll update you once he has them tomorrow!

This afternoon it's pouring rain! Rain here comes down by the buckets and can flood the yard really quickly. Last time it rained really hard the yard was under a few inches of rain. Then Garry discovered that if we opened one of the gates some of it would drain out into the alley... so we watched a great stream go through the gate! We love the few degrees drop in temperature, and it's a particular blessing right now when I am not supposed to be in any sunlight.

Kaleb made a game today, complete with a board, cards to draw, and paperclips for the people. It's quite ingenious and gives a clue into his understanding. The cards have interesting sayings on them, things he copied at random out of books-- some of which he couldn't even read! He loves to copy and then have read to him what he wrote. He also loves the artistic side of the game--drawing pictures of knights, castles, and caves!

Have a great day!

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