Friday, June 23, 2006

Good afternoon! Things are coming together for our trip to a tribal location next week. This morning one of the missionaries that worked there previously told us he is going to join us on the trip. We're excited to go together!

Jody is coming to town on Monday and we hope to head out late Monday morning and return on Wednesday. The guys spent most of the morning getting stuff ready for the airstrip there. We'll take a windsock with a frame to hang it on and markers for the airstrip. Kevin and Kaleb were helping Garry get these ready this morning. They'll put markers at the touchdown point, 25%, 50%, and 75% of the runway. (This helps the guys know how much runway they've used up when they land there.) They will also set up a vasi board, which has something to do with the approach-- that's what Kaleb is painting a circle for!

For my part I'm trying to get some food ready to go, since there aren't any stores close to this location and we'll be taking care of ourselves. I was thankful to hear that there is an empty house, furnished with a stove, beds, and linens. When we get back the middle of next week we'll let you know how it all turned out... I'm quite certain it will be an adventure!

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