Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Good afternoon! It's been a rather quiet day here at home... no radio and a rather normal school day! Kevin is working on fractions in math these days, and it's fun to see him learning new concepts and doing a great job. Kaleb got a paper airplane model from a friend and has spent many hours today trying to make a pattern for his own bi-plane.

Among other things I printed a book for Kevin... we are doing a homeschool program that has books on disk that we can print at home. It works out well here since we can get them ring-bound for under $1 each! Paper is also inexpensive here, maybe due in part to the fact that this a country that highly values education.

This afternoon I read to the boys for a while, then we decided we all needed a cup of iced coffee. Kevin makes a great cup of brew (either hot or cold) so we enjoyed that treat today!

Garry and Jason worked on the airplane all day, changing the prop governor and doing a return-to-service flight. The hangar here in Puerto is not totally set up yet, so everything seems to take longer than usual. Tomorrow Jason is taking his family on a flight, so they were glad to get everything done and put back together!

By the way... we got our "borrowed" water bottle refilled today-- no problem!

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