Thursday, June 22, 2006

Hello! Last evening some new friends took us out to dinner. On the way we were reminded how "interesting" the transportation here it. So we thought we'd share a couple of photos with you. Above is a jeepny, public transportation that runs set routes and takes passengers around town. They say a jeepny is never full--there's always room for at least another person or two!

This is another common sight here in town-- a road lined with "tricycles". Tricycles are the most common vehicle in town, a motorcycle with a "side car" attached to it. Most are for hire, available to go anywhere in town for about 30 cents. We've seen these carrying amazing numbers of people, large cargo, and piled high with boxes or bamboo. In fact, it seems a tricycle can carry a lot more than our pickup truck!

Last night around 1 AM the power went off here, so we had a rather warm night. The electricity came back on around 4:00, just before Garry got up to get his day started! Today Jason took his parents to one of the tribal locations. Garry was on his way to the hangar when we got a radio message that their pump had failed-- if they couldn't get one on the flight today they'd be without water for about 10 days! So Garry went by the hardware store and purchased a pump and seals for them. Then he helped Jason get loaded up and on his way.

The remainder of the morning and part of the afternoon Garry spent in his office here at home-- taking care of paperwork details, communicating with headquarters, and planning an upcoming trip. This afternoon he headed back to the hangar to finish up a project there before Jason got back. When Jason arrived back in Puerto Garry helped him push the airplane back in, wash it, and take whatever cargo and mail there was to the guesthouse.

It's now a bit after 4 PM and we are ready to do afternoon radio sked. Then it will be the end of another day-- a walk at the sports complex, supper, a Bible story with the boys, and an early night!

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