Sunday, June 11, 2006

Today was a quiet day, although we spent a bit of time on the radio and e-mail trying to figure out flights for tomorrow. The man who fell from the tree still hasn't arrived from up in the mountains, so it looks like the flight schedule will stay as planned, after all. (This is a photo of the airstrip the patient would be flown out of.)

Garry and I were talking about the testing of our faith today. How our faith is tested to purify it so that we can grow to maturity. How God wants us to live in His reality and according to His plan, undisturbed by the ever-changing circumstances of life. How He desires to have many sons and daughters and for them to be conformed to the image of Christ. What an amazing God we have, and what an incredible inheritance He has prepared for us!

Neither of the boys felt very well today... don't know if it was too much sun yesterday or if we're getting the flu bug that is going around.

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