Monday, June 19, 2006

Good afternoon! We spent our last morning of vacation at the beach. The boys enjoyed swimming, and we liked just being out-doors. Our time in the car was spent remembering some of our fun and funny memories of life in Canada, Arizona, Panama, Paraguay, and Venezuela. We all agreed that we have lived an incredibly rich life-- and the adventure is not over yet!

This afternoon we started getting things ready for tomorrow's flight-- texting to get weights, arranging cargo delivery, and communicating with passengers. Everything is lined up now, so Garry and Jason should be on their way down south tomorrow morning. I hope to begin training a national lady to monitor the radio (part of the transition of our moving on to another island in the future).

Garry and Kevin are at the sports complex, hoping to catch a game of soccer with the boys that invited Kevin to play last week. Kaleb and I stayed home since I'd had my quota of sun for the day.

You know, when I began this blog I thought I'd blog about our days for a couple of weeks, then spend part of the month blogging about our thoughts and what God is doing in our hearts. Somehow those things are hard to communicate, so I keep on with the simpler things. How do you share the feelings associated with a medical emergency flight that could make the difference between life and death for an unbeliever? How do you blog through the daily propensity to be distracted from God-- the daily challenge to stay focused on God and His plan instead of on the issues that surround each of our lives? How do you share what God is doing in your family without saying things that your children might not want to be common knowlege? How can we adequately communicate the many burdens we share with you, our teammembers-- the changes many of you are going through, the challenges you are facing, the things that move us to pray on your behalf? Can the complex relationships on this island be condensed into a blog and understood? And yet, without sharing these things, I am really just going through a litany of externals, a surface-level explanation of what happens in our lives. Those are some of my thoughts today, the challenges I am facing in this daily journal of our lives.

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