Sunday, June 04, 2006

Monday. Another new week begun with a bang! Garry left for the airport a bit before six, while I was still trying to open my eyes and heading toward the shower. We needed to get some information from Lada before he took off, so we did some texting on the cell phones. On the cargo list they sent was "3 kilos patadyong"... I'll have to ask Garry what that is when he gets home! Then we needed to check weather at our first two destinations, one by phone and the other by radio. The guys were in the air close to 7:00 am. Flights have gone well, despite an hour break at lunch to wait for rain to pass. Jason was even able to get some practice at one of the more difficult airstrips!

This is our doberman, Kodiak (we call her Kody). She's great company for the boys as well as a wonderful watchdog. Something about this photo reminded me of how I felt about noon today-- a little sleepy and more like enjoying the sun than moving around a lot!

The boys and I have stayed busy here at home. Kevin has finished his school, as has Kaleb. They've also been painting their wooden airplanes they received last week, trying to make them look like true NTMA aircraft! I've taught the boys school, taken care of some business for this week's flights, and written a few e-mails. The girls are out doing the marketting for the week and paying bills.... a normal, somewhat quiet flight day with not too many last-minute changes or weather questions!

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