Thursday, June 01, 2006

It's still rather early here, but the day is in full swing. Garry got up at 4:30 to get an early start because they have a long flight day. After filing the flight plan, getting the load in the airplane and the passengers loaded, they were in the air before 7:00 a.m. Just after they took off the emergency medical flight is cancelled. There are no missionaries currently living at that location, and there has been a communication breakdown somewhere. We continue to pray for the patient and will wait to hear what happens with all of that.

This is Kevin with his latest wood-working project. He built me a step for exercise, which I've really enjoyed using! These days Kevin is busy with school, finishing up his school year. He enjoys math, writing, and reading for the most part. He's really practicing his basketball skills these days, trying to perfect his shot. When we walk at the track Kevin's also been doing a bit of running, trying to better his 1/4 mile time. His consideration of those around him is always a blessing, as is his ability to make conversation with anybody... not to mention the many other ways he brightens our days!

Yesterday Garry went to town to get some keys copied. He and Kevin went to everywhere they know that makes keys, plus a few new places that were recommended to them. Nonetheless, there apparently aren't any "blanks" to make the keys we need! So guess that goes back on the list for another day after new supplies have hopefully arrived in town!

My friend Nellie from Lada has been here for a couple of days and she went home yesterday. She brought her grandson to get enrolled in school and he is helping us on the yard here. When they arrived on Sunday they came with a bag of clothes, our first indication that they meant to stay with us! It was good to see her again, and the boys have enjoyed having Jeffrey here to shoot hoops with between working on the yard and school. We are blessed by the friends we've made here, yet we often find ourselves wondering what's going on-- cultural differences and lack of language have created more than one interesting situation!

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c and h said...

Hi Cynthia,
This is really cool to see what you are doing. I hope Kaleb will enjoy reading!